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Ann-Marie Giustibelli, Esq.

Born in Lahnstuhl, Germany, Ann-Marie Giustibelli, Esq. grew up in North Miami Beach, Florida until she moved to Los Angeles, CA. AnnMarie completed her undergraduate degree majoring in psychology at California State University and received her law degree from Nova Southeastern University in 2001. Ann-Marie was admitted to practice in 2002.

Ann-Marie Giustibelli, P.A. was founded in 2003. In 2007 she started practicing Collaborative Law and became a board member of The Collaborative Family Law Professionals of South Florida in that same year.

Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator Ann-Marie Giustibelli became certified by the Florida Supreme Court Certified to mediate in 2011.

Divorce Made Easy was established in 2015, after witnessing one too many clients struggle through the litigation process. Divorce Made Easy was designed to streamline the collaborative process so that instead of using a full team approach as the collaborative process uses (two lawyers; one neutral forensic accountant and one neutral mental health professional), Ann-Marie believes in most cases, divorcing families could use one neutral mediator, and add as unbundled services, the other professionals as needed in order to effectively and efficiently divorce. This streamlined approach has been working very well for divorcing couples, saving families time, money, and valuable emotional, spiritual and psychological energy.

Ann-Marie Giustibelli and her associates are passionate about helping families get through the divorce process without being left devastated financially, emotionally and psychologically. While she has been a litigator since 2002, ‘•it is good for my spirit as well as those involved to settle all differences amicably through an alternative dispute resolution.”

Ann-Marie has been married to Alex Giustibelli since 1996 with whom she has two wonderful children: Nikita Rose and Tai.

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